Sven Guckes

  • Posted on: 20 October 2014
  • By: guckes

*1967 in Berlin - and still a Berliner!

Sven has a background in maths and computer science. He noticed at university how important Free Software is, and became a supporter and missionary for Linux.

As he uses a lot of tools within the terminal, he grew fond of all the cool features of texttools. So he talks about them, gives workshops, and also co-authored a book about the "Z-Shell". ("the final letter in shells" ;-)

This time he's at T-DOSE to give an Intro to GnuPG as a workshop so everyone can encrypt files for himself and decrypt them later. You will also sign files and find keys on a keyserver. And finally you'll also know why we do CryptoParties and Key Signing Parties.

Also, Sven gives a workshop on Vim - Small Commands for those of you who have used Vim before and want to become more proficient with commands which you might then use every day.

In the talk on GNU Tools he will show some reasons why you might want to use mutt, vim, and zsh and some other tools.

So bring your machines (laptops, notebooks). Maybe already install gpg and vim on them. And then let's get started! :-)

and remember this: "when privacy is outlawed only outlaws will have privacy."

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